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Borders & Broken Hearts

Author: Gayatri Lakhiani Chawla

“The partition of India and Pakistan and the heart-breaking loss of land, language and culture as experienced by Sindh is by far one of the worst tragedies…”

Six Minutes in the House of Awe

Author: Aneata Kristine O’Brien

“Thus the poems penned by her are nuanced with a kind of ethereal beauty. Aneata writes ‘The only sound that matters, recedes into stillness, and you pray…’”

Crossing The Shoreline

Author: Gopal Lahiri

“While perusing Crossing the Shoreline, you recognize Gopal Lahiri’s poetic ketch is in control with fresh images and striking metaphors on the choppy sea of the creative dial…”

Forgive Reality

Author: Kamal

“Poetry is not to change the reality, let alone forgive! When I read such a collection of poems by a poet, who happens to be a Chartered Accountant by calling. I was driven into a strang…”

Minutes Of Merit

Author: Sushant Thapa

“Sushant Thapa’s latest poetry collection offers not only a close look into the daily life, but also his remarkably creative philosophical musings. The poet’s voice is intimate while the stakes and…”

Mojito With Lime

Author: Anish Roychowdhury

“Lemon Soda Ginger POP, DBPC on the top’. these were the words we had on our lips whenever the schools gang used to root for our team and the first ever ‘rhyme’ which stuck on with me for a long long time…”

My Kind of Russian Roulette

Author: Tapaja Chakraborty

“In her debut collection of lyrics and her journey through years, Tapaja Chakraborty shows great promise and potential. Her words reflect the richness of her creative imagination, and…”

Poetry Nature and Life

Author: Kaveri Temple

Kaveri was born in Kolkata, India. She is the mother to 5 children and has 4 grandchildren. She has travelled widely and has lived in Indonesia and the Middle East. She has worked…

The Book of Garcia Marquez

Author: Sherzod Artikov

“I feel like I am traveling to the country and the soul of Uzbekistan by each page of the book. The images of lakes, deserts, countryside, and towns which are typical of Central Asian land…”

The Sins of Our Flag

Author: Sthitadhi Mukherjee

After the first Terra-Oregon War, sins were conceived, young boys and girls were experimented upon for efficient soldiers, assassins, mages, and spies for the next. Reges Terra had limited success only creating immortal sorceresses…

Through Your Eyes

Author: Kafir

The poet who has composed these ghazals calls himself Kafir, i.e. non-believer. If he does not believe in God, what does he believe in? Kafir, the composer of Through Your Eyes embraces Love as his religion. It seems that Kafir and his lady…

Wherever Life Takes

Author: Ayush Biswas

“Ayush’s poems resonate a good deal with people of maturity who know that a good life is one that is lived well. A truly meaningful life is one where you are empathetic towards your people and your surroundings, and in everyone’s well–being…”

Collection Of Feelings

Author: Sankha Sen

“Every page turned reveals not just words but echoes of Sankha’s soul, resonating with the readers, inviting them to delve deeper into their own existence and find their own solace…”

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