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In her new book, Borders and Broken Hearts / Kashish, Gayatri offers the gift of her poems, along with their Sindhi translations rendered both in the Perso-Arabic script proper to the language and the Devanagari that marks an accommodation to independent India’s cultural politics. Gayatri’s poems testify to a deep emotional drive geared towards homecoming;…

Borders & Broken Hearts

(Poems of parting and partition)

Author: Gayatri Lakhiani Chawla

“The partition of India and Pakistan and the heart-breaking loss of land, language and culture as experienced by Sindh is by far one of the worst tragedies in the history of mankind. Gayatri Chawla’s poems uphold the pain and devastation of her people in an unparalleled language of loss and grief. Her words, in all the three languages that they present themselves in Borders & Broken Hearts – English, Sindhi and Persian-Arabic, arrow into the reader with cataclysmic impact. This is the poetry of deep pining for a homeland that can never be retrieved from the folds of time. Chawla’s words, bleed for what is irremediable and we feel the aching throb of her emotions with every stroke of her pen. Her collection of poems brings the past into perspective and confronts us with wounds that might never heal. A rare, insightful vein of poetry written by someone whose family has personally endured the consequences of partition. A sagacious rendition of what it feels like to be stripped of identity.” – Vinita Agrawal, author of Twilight Language.

Publisher‏Haoajan Publishers
Publishing DateJanuary 1, 2023
Hardcover108 pages
Reading age6 years and up
Country of OriginIndia

Amazon Reviews

Satish Salian

November 18, 2023

A book which offers deep insights.

Gayatri Lakhiani’s “Borders & Broken Hearts” is a rare and insightful collection of poetry that delves into the profound impact of partition, drawing from the personal experiences of her own family. Through sagacious verses, Lakhiani skillfully captures the poignant emotions and complexities of identity stripped away by historical upheavals. Congratulations to her for weaving a powerful narrative that resonates with authenticity and empathy.


November 3, 2023

Amazing collection of poetry in 3 languages – a must have.

Borders & Broken Hearts is a treat to read. Skillfully compiled and translated, this amazing work from Gayatri Chawla is sure to touch every chord within you. Each of the lovely poems in this publication are presented in English, Sindhi Devnagiri and Arabic Persian – making this publication truly unique and a must have for any lover of poetry.

Poems in this publication like ‘Journey’, ‘Hiraeth’ and ‘Sindhi’ will certainly bring back memories for so many of us who have grown up in the shadow of the partition of India in the many stories that have been passed down the generations from those who actually lived through those difficult times.

I highly recommend this excellent work from Ms. Chawla.


8 responses to “Borders & Broken Hearts”

  1. Shabnam Mukadam Avatar
    Shabnam Mukadam

    Beautifully written. What an interesting read !!!

  2. Neelam Satiani Avatar
    Neelam Satiani

    Heartfelt words, resonates deeply!

  3. Manthan Bachani Avatar
    Manthan Bachani

    One of Best Poems written about Partition on Sindhis in English. The allegorical style and then the translation has surely made an impact.

    1. Sarbajit Sarkar Avatar

      Perfect observation. Thanks Manthan for your feedback.

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