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The Book of Garcia Marquez

Author: Sherzod Artikov

“I feel like I am traveling to the country and the soul of Uzbekistan by each page of the book. The images of lakes, deserts, countryside, and towns which are typical of Central Asian land have become a beautiful symbol of the place where author Sherzod Artikov was born. I am fortunate to be his friend, to read the energetic lines of this young man from that beautiful country on the Silk Road.

Artikov’s writing style is attractive, transparent, and rich in ideology. Each of his stories makes the reader anxious and tormented. There are so many unbelievable changes in human life. It is not only wars in the past, wars in the present, but also wars in each family, each people’s mind. The beginning of the story may be about sweet love, earnest expectation, but the next development is disappointment, brokenness and bitterness. Artikov points to a terrible gap, a threat to our lives, the cause of all wars under each home roof, or between ethnicities, between nations, between people, which is the lack of understanding, and the indifference to each other’s wishes. But beyond all those adversities, by Artikov’s short stories, he shows us the road which is named Love and mutual Understanding.” – Kieu Bich Hau, an author from Vietnam.


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