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Through Your Eyes: A Collection of Ghazals

Author: Kafir

The poet who has composed these ghazals calls himself Kafir, i.e. non-believer. If he does not believe in God, what does he believe in? Kafir, the composer of Through Your Eyes embraces Love as his religion. It seems that Kafir and his lady love renounce the world becoming perfectly content with the idyllic world they themselves create. Kafir seems to say, if love touches one, resistance is impossible. Each one in this bond is subject and object, the giver and the receiver. Some of Kafir’s ghazals seem to be delectable fantasies; and there is absolute abandonment in all of them. A true romantic that Kafir is, deeply enamoured, he consciously chooses to love his beloved whether or not she loves him back in return. The collection offers all-encompassing, satiating, and unquestioning emotions.


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