• Boxes

    He has taken three weeks off to travel in Europe. She couldn’t afford the trip. He didn’t ask her to come, either. He sends her emails addressed to nobody, missives full of Italian women, beer and breweries, cathedrals and museums. She prints these out at work and creases the sheets into thirds. They go into…

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  • Bohag (Part 2)
    Bohag (Part 2)

    The performance came to an end in a while. Then followed a series of welcome speeches one after another, by the Chief Guest, the Guest of Honour, the President of the organizing committee and a few other eminent locals for almost an hour, until the Master of Ceremonies finally read out the list of events…

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  • Bohag (Part 1)
    Bohag (Part 1)

    I should have put on the windcheater jacket before going out. A full-sleeve tee shirt wouldn’t have been bad either. The morning breeze in the terrace felt a little unsettling after the comfort under the blanket. It had been more than a month since winter was officially over. For, those who wore sweaters in March…

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