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Collection Of Feelings book launch

The Sound of Literature: 20th August, 2022

Sankha Sen’s “Collection of Feelings” is a profound homage to purity, goodness, and beauty, far exceeding a mere assembly of words. This comforting companion guides readers on personal journeys towards enlightenment and tranquility.

Amid life’s vast, turbulent ocean, it acts as a lighthouse, directing lost souls towards the shores of beauty. Each page brims with raw emotion and a touch of the ethereal, fostering an inspiring and introspective atmosphere. The book’s tone, far from pretentious or imposing, subtly encourages exploration of the inner self.

In essence, Sen’s “Collection of Feelings” transcends a traditional book, transforming into a testament of his deep appreciation for all things pure and beautiful. It stands as a beacon for those adrift in life’s tumultuous sea, guiding them towards serenity and enlightenment.

The poster of ‘The Sound of Literature’ presented by Pandit Swapan Sen and author Sankha Sen