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Kolkata Poets Meet: Chapter 1

Social Media Captions for Culture & Society Class

Haoajan’s Book Launch and Poetry Reading Event: March 5, 2022

A captivating fusion of literature and art unfolded at the Kolkata International Book Fair on March 5, 2022. Haoajan organized a memorable book launch and poetry reading event that witnessed the presence of many eminent poets, musicians, and authors. The event was a magnet for almost two hundred eager attendees. Acclaimed singer-composer Srikanta Acharya, guitarist Sankar Sen, poets such as Sharmila Ray, Aneek Chatterjee, Rajorshi Patranabis, Sekhar Banerjee, Amanita Sen, Nandita Samanta, journalist and TV personality Rhitobrata Bhattacharya, and cultural emissary Debasish Kumar were among the esteemed guests.

The event was a celebration of literature, with the launch of Tapaja Chakraborty’s “My Kind of Russian Roulette” and Sankha Sen’s “Collection of Feelings”. These new releases, brimming with emotion and thought, marked a significant moment in the evening. The audience was treated to a feast of words and melodies, creating an ambiance that was as enriching as it was entertaining.

Skillfully moderated by Haoajan Co-founder Mridula Sarkar and poet Rituparna Khan, the event was a seamless blend of intellect, creativity, and culture. It was an evening that celebrated the profound power of words, the magic of music, and the shared joy of cultural and societal connections. This event was not just a book launch; it was a testament to the thriving literary and cultural scene in Kolkata.