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Why Write during Pandemic

Literature in the Era of COVID-19: 23rd May, 2021

Good evening, everyone. Today, I’d like to discuss a thought-provoking event organised by Haoajan. In light of the pandemic, Haoajan assembled poets and writers to articulate their sentiments and perspectives about this apocalyptic event, the COVID-19 pandemic. These artistic individuals employed writing and literature as tools to convey the emotions, struggles, and encounters that many of us have lived through during this difficult period. They utilised their words to reflect not only on the current situation but also to relay a message to future generations about the crucial role of maintaining hope and dreams for humanity, even in the midst of hardship.

Their eloquent expressions served as a mirror to society, illustrating the stark realities of the pandemic – the fear, the isolation, the loss. Yet, within these somber themes, they wove strands of resilience, unity, and optimism. They reminded us that even as our surroundings transform in unprecedented ways due to this pandemic, our innate human ability to dream, hope, and create remains unscathed. Their writings stand as a testament to the relentless power of the human spirit.

In conclusion, Haoajan’s online event was a ray of hope during these challenging times. It emphasised the relevance of literature and writing in comprehending our shared experiences, in expressing our profound emotions, and in envisioning a future brimming with hope and dreams. As we traverse through this pandemic, let us hold onto the powerful message from these poets and writers: we are resilient, we are united, and above all, we are hopeful.