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  • History Cannon-foddered
    History Cannon-foddered

    Histories are fodders for cows, they give-in to lot of chewing. I had a thing for the spice-route and my wife said it’s pretty kinky, but this exotic dream of mine got crushed, I saw dwellers’ skins and bones were all what left on the route. But I still didn’t buzz and created a lush…

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  • Dolphin

    We listen to the crow cawing. I and Jhunu. There are no other birds, only a crow on the branch of the berry tree. We are sitting over the cornice and gazing at the westward sky. Between the two quickly ascending shoebox high-rises, there’s a handful sky, with some red brush strokes here and there.…

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  • Beside The New Mosque
    Beside The New Mosque

    By success, I mean paradise. Dwellers of paradise find absolution from their daily sins on a daily basis. That is why, to me, the truly successful ones are those who dwell in paradise. I am not saying that I shall not be a part of a family. But I shall never be a slave to…

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  • Boxes

    He has taken three weeks off to travel in Europe. She couldn’t afford the trip. He didn’t ask her to come, either. He sends her emails addressed to nobody, missives full of Italian women, beer and breweries, cathedrals and museums. She prints these out at work and creases the sheets into thirds. They go into…

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  • The Wind
    The Wind

    We built mountains that crumbled down, And I drowned in my ocean of tears. Love letters and old photographs, I’ve burnt them all ever since. I built a fortress for my heart You left, leaving burnt scars And now all that’s around is the wind. I hate the wind, I wanna destroy the wind Cause…

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  • I’m still standing
    I’m still standing

    We walked on water, you and me We walked through fire, alive and free And when the vultures hovered, And rattlesnakes came out We still stood our ground. We broke out of prison, It was us against the world. And in your eyes I saw ambition, While I dreamed in colour. And when the thunder…

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  • I Call You by My Name
    I Call You by My Name

    Spinning the time wheel I spin a yarn a tale of two mirroring souls memories are like fireflies they light up your heart align your body, your soul to the first encounter. We stood on the same rope bridge staring, then suddenly walk towards each other how our shadows melted in the lyric aubade of…

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  • Folktales

    A golden ring with a lion’s head etched on it a wife caught in the waves of hazard ‘Revive a little, I’m daughter of the wise sage Vishvamitra the birthplace of virtuosity the creator of the Gayatri mantra at least look for yourself in the eyes of your child, memory is a genetic disorder. Slice…

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  • Mythical Goddesses of Bengal
    Mythical Goddesses of Bengal

    Mythical goddesses of Bengal’s folklores, legends and the vernacular narratives, have always fascinated me. They are rooted to Bengal’s traditional rural moorings. Despite their ownnpersonal travails and struggles, they were taken to be powerful in their own way and were imagined as protectors to the hapless and the needy.

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  • Sign Language
    Sign Language

    Under the oriental sun the sightless man is driving again. He knows the way knows these roads by heart. He drives with care never reckless. He says, “Turn down the radio I can’t hear when you whisper.” Instead, I turn it up because I know if I whisper softer it will sound like a train…

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