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Collection Of Feelings

Author: Sankha Sen

Sankha, a multifaceted individual, is a poet and musician residing in the vibrant heart of Germany. His professional life, bustling with the intricate complexities of engineering, propels him to probe into the enigmatic depths of existence. This exploration provides him a sanctuary, a refuge that he finds in the art of transcribing his contemplations into poems and short stories.

His oeuvre, aptly named “Collection of Feelings,” is an eloquent testament to his profound love for all things pure, good, and beautiful in this world. More than just a book, it serves as a comforting companion, a solace to its readers who are on their own quests for enlightenment and serenity. In essence, it is a beacon for those souls who are traversing the vast ocean of life in search of goodness and beauty.

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Every page turned reveals not just words but echoes of Sankha’s soul, resonating with the readers, inviting them to delve deeper into their own existence and find their own solace. It serves not only as a testament to Sankha’s journey but also as a guide for others on their own path of discovery. In a world that often seems devoid of goodness, Sankha’s “Collection of Feelings” serves as a gentle reminder that beauty and goodness are always within reach, if only we choose to seek them.

Publisher‏‎Haoajan Publishers
Publishing DateJanuary 1, 2022
Hardcover48 pages
Reading age12 years and up
Country of OriginIndia


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