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Crossing the Shoreline, a fresh collection of poems by one of our finest contemporary poets Gopal Lahiri reads like embarking on a new voyage to an unknown landscape where the inner self is reborn once again.

Forgive Reality

Author: Kamal

“Poetry is not to change the reality, let alone forgive! When I read such a collection of poems by a poet, who happens to be a Chartered Accountant by calling, I was driven into a strange cogitation: Can reality be forgiven? With that thought at the back of my mind, I went reading the poems by Kamal and comprehended a man from financial realm making foray into the world of imagination, in which reality is either a chimera or just a presence, to be defined by images and metaphors. Ah yes, naturally, he has to ask us to ‘Forgive Reality’ which is harsh and discordant compared to the world of POETRY! The sketches popping up sometimes between poems, spoke volumes of his ethereal search of finesse in this camouflaged projection of reality in a world, which again may not be real! No wonder, Eliot dreamt of an “Unreal City”! The way he unfolds his imagination, peeps into the alleys of ‘reality’, juggles with the thoughts to be expressed poetically, leaves much room for readers to expect mellowed creativity from him in future.” – Dr Ketaki Datta.

Publisher‏‎Haoajan Publishers
Publishing DateJanuary 1, 2022
Hardcover68 pages
Reading age15 years and up
Country of OriginIndia

Amazon Reviews

Sunmbul Rahman

August 15, 2022

Forgive Reality, can we?

How do you forgive reality? It was the title to this collection of poems which intrigued me the most when I picked up a copy.

What a heart warming collection it is, the language is simple but the core message in each poem touches a different string making us wonder and introspect too.

I could relate to each poem in my own way through my own journey and I’m sure each reader feels the same.


August 9, 2022

Straight from the heart! 🙂

Absolutely loved reading Kamal’s poems! So simple, easy to read/understand yet saying so much! You can tell how each one of them has a real life story and comes straight from the poets heart! Specially loved Solitude and Women’s Empowerment!

Look forward to more content from Kamal!

Mamta Mundhra

August 6, 2022

True picture of life

I m grateful that we have such a great writer whose writing is captivating. The way he has written is excellent. I like his view towards life. He explain his trek journey beautifully. Well articulated.❤️Forgive reality ❤️

Dipti Agarwal

August 6, 2022

Ability to forgive the reality

Forgive reality is a true picture of one’s life, and every one doesn’t have the ability to forgive and let go things… So it’s a must read book… Specially the youth, who can relate each poem to their daily life.


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