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A grim, dark, fantasy thriller by Dodo Byrde. A military coup hits the heart of Watu Republic revealing the Oregonian conspiracy. Ivan Drogba must stop the coup, protect the president, and secure alliances with other countries to fight the Oregonian Empire. A vagabond assasin and a vigorous sorceress join him in the task. Can they…

The Sins of Our Flag

Author: Dodo Byrde

After the first Terra-Oregon War, sins were conceived, young boys and girls were experimented upon for efficient soldiers, assassins, mages, and spies for the next. Reges Terra had limited success only creating immortal sorceresses. Their expertise in politics made them efficient advisors in courts.

Although two in ten-thousand became sorceresses, the rest died in agony. A different set of experiments in The Oregonian Empire met similar rates of survival.

The boys that survived were immune to poison, disease, sloth along with improved agility and strength. They were trained martial artists, siege technicians, strategists and marksmen. Dissatisfied with the results, a second set of experiments were conducted on the survivors of the first. They double the earned abilities, vigilance and accelerated healing.

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Publisher‏‎Haoajan Publishers
Publishing DateJanuary 1, 2021
Paperback336 pages
Reading age15 years and up
Country of OriginIndia

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November 18, 2023

Dodo byrde be flying high

Power, politics and action, now that’s my kinda book. I like the way the book is written and the names of the characters well… Classy!


2 responses to “The Sins of Our Flag”

  1. Niladri Saha Avatar
    Niladri Saha

    This definitely is going to be an interesting read! I like the cover of the book.

    1. Sarbajit Sarkar Avatar

      Thanks. It definitely is interesting and fast paced.

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