I Call You by My Name

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About Gayatri

Gayatri Lakhiani Chawla is an award-winning poet, translator, healer and French teacher from Mumbai. She is the author of three poetry collections – Borders and Broken Hearts- shortlisted for the PVLF Author Excellence Awards 2023, Invisible Eye and The Em-press. She is the author of Healing Elixir The Hawakal Handbook of Angel Therapy, Numer-ology & Remedies. She is recipient of the Rahi Kadam Inspiration Award 2021.

Gayatri’s Book

Borders & Broken Hearts

I Call You by My Name

Spinning the time wheel
I spin a yarn
a tale of two mirroring souls
memories are like fireflies
they light up your heart
align your body, your soul
to the first encounter.
We stood on the same rope bridge
staring, then suddenly
walk towards each other
how our shadows melted
in the lyric aubade of a blue night
awakening of another kind.
If kissing was a man
I would ask him to sit beside me
Don’t leave my side
Alas! I cling your arm,
strands of wavy hair,
long floral skirt
shards of emptiness
memorabilia mostly
brooding mostly
I call you by my name
‘Athena Athena’
You stop, stare and move on.

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