Evening Dream

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About Ranjit

Dr. Ranjit Dutta MA, M Phil, Ph D, is a bilingual Poet, Novelist, Critic, lyricist and Translator and published in Assamese, English language. He has authored three novels in Assamese namely “Keijonman Bondhu dutiman Golpo Aru Ekhon Upayanakh”, “Kolahirar Dekholoi” and “Nishter Kothare”.

He has translated six volumes of poetry in Assamese such as “Hridoyot Junak”, “Kehraj Buliya Anubhob”, “Kobita Mur Mouna Prohoror”, “Niribili Nijanote”, “Hur Eti Diyana”, “Hunyata Aru Kulaholor Dumujat”.

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Translated five volumes of world poetry from English to Assamese such as “Esati Hugodhi Moloya Part I, II and III” and “East Wind”. “Flows Like a River” from Assamese to English, “Tumer Sokulur Hekh Tupaltu” from English to Assamese and “Hei je Anurag” from Hindi to Assamese.

He has also published another translation works of poetry from Bengali to Assamese with his co-poet Rajarshi Patranabis entitled “Nirjon Soikot – Luit Hoogli” of west Bengal. Poetry of Dr Dutta is also published a cross various anthologies as well as in various eminent journals of the country. He is the recipient of State and National Awards. He has been associated with various social activities particularly in the field of education and Assamese Poetry. He was also awarded “Somaj Pran” and “Somaj Ratna award” for his brilliant contribution towards the society and also “Anubad Ratna” award for his outstanding contribution in translation of poetry to various languages.

Evening Dream

With your ardour
In that green valley
You raised your hand
To the evening sky,
I remember too.
Looking two glazing stars of
That silvery evening,
Two cormorants were
Swimming in the morass
Chewing the verses
Fearing nothing.

Keeping aside
The  gloomy darkness,
I was talking with my
Poetry of cosmic green
Who was grazing in your bosom.
Her rude face and
your blue costumes
searched someone
In broken words.
The  wan pink spread
silken perfume
On her  cottony body,
My poetry fell in the bog
While you came close and closer,
The evening dream of
Blue and  pink
Became pale green.

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