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About Gayatri

Gayatri Lakhiani Chawla is an award-winning poet, translator, healer and French teacher from Mumbai. She is the author of three poetry collections – Borders and Broken Hearts- shortlisted for the PVLF Author Excellence Awards 2023, Invisible Eye and The Em-press. She is the author of Healing Elixir The Hawakal Handbook of Angel Therapy, Numer-ology & Remedies. She is recipient of the Rahi Kadam Inspiration Award 2021.

Gayatri’s Book

Borders & Broken Hearts


A golden ring with a lion’s head etched on it
a wife caught in the waves of hazard
‘Revive a little, I’m daughter of the wise sage Vishvamitra
the birthplace of virtuosity
the creator of the Gayatri mantra
at least look for yourself
in the eyes of your child,
memory is a genetic disorder.
Slice me not like an apple my love,
but like the moon that sits
outside your window sill
every night nibble a little wedge from the corners
savouring is key
as said to Hiraman, the talking parrot.
Come escape with me across the bridge of darkness O pretty one
I claw the deer skin’s hide to entice you
satan is a sorcerer.
Apostrophe is a moment of reflection
before stealing someone’s land
        someone’s woman
        someone’s dream.
Period is the yarn of time
and also, a full stop.

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